Optima TLX Ultra (Beckman) Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Avanti J-20 XP centrifuge (Beckman Coulter) Obstetrics and Gynecology
Allegra 6KR Centrifuge (Beckman Coulter) Pediatrics I
GS-15R Centrifuge (Beckman) Radiotherapy
Biofuge fresco (Heraeus Instruments) Radiotherapy
Cryofuge 8000 Heraeus Christ (Christ) Nuclear Medicine
Cytocentrifuge "Cytospin 4" (Shandon) Pathology
Ultracentrifuge Optima MAX 130,000RPM (Beckman Coulter) Cell Biology
Centrifuge Rotina 420R (Hettich) Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Centrifuge Mikro 220R (Hettich) Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Biofuge Primo R () Neuroanatomy
Biofuge Pico () Neuroanatomy
Ultrazentrifuge ULTRA-ODT-COMBI (Beckman) Dermatology and Venereology
Zentrifuge RC-3C PLUS (Sorvall ) Dermatology and Venereology
Elutriation centrifugation (Beckman) Clinical Biochemistry Protein analysis
Hettich Rotanta 460 (VWR) Virology
Centrifuge Mikro 200 (VWR) Virology
Centrifuge 5415D 1 (Eppendorf) Institute of Pharmacology
Centrifuge 5415D 2 (Eppendorf) Institute of Pharmacology
Vakuumzentrifuge GeneVac (GeneVac MiVac ) Internal Medicine IV
Optima™ TLX Preparative Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter) Central Laboratory Animal Facility
Optima™ LE-80K Preparative Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Coulter) Biochemical Pharmacology
Biofuge pico Heraeus (Heraeus) Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine
Mikro 200R (Hettich) Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine
Universal 32R (Hettich) Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine
Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge (Beckman) (Beckman) Biological Chemistry
Avanti J-26XP (Beckman Coulter) Biological Chemistry
Centrifuge SORVALL RC-5C (NEUBER GES.M.B.H) Biological Chemistry
Ultracentrifuge Beckman (Beckman) Biological Chemistry
Eppendorf Centrifuge (Unilab) Psychiatry I
Micro 120 Microcentrifuge (Hettich) Visceral, Transplant, and Thoracic Surgery
Eppendorf 5810R Centrifuge (Eppendorf) Visceral, Transplant, and Thoracic Surgery
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415R () Neurosurgery
Centrifuge 5424R (Eppendorf) Developmental Immunology
SIGMA 3-18K Centrifuge (SIGMA) Clinical and Functional Anatomy
Table Centrifuge (Eppendorf) Cell Biology
Heraeus Fresco (Thermo Electron) Cell Biology
Hettich Table Centrifuge (Bartelt) Cell Biology
table top centrifuge () Cell Genetics
Centrifuge Rotor () Cell Genetics
Eppendorf refrigerated centrifuge 5424R (Eppendorf) Molecular Pathophysiology
Table-Centrifuge 5415 (Eppendorf) Institute of Pharmacology
Eppendorf Table Centrifuge 5417 (Eppendorf) Institute of Pharmacology
Eppendorf Centrifuge Mii Spin (Eppendorf) Institute of Pharmacology
Hettich Centrifuge Mikro 200 R (Hettich) Internal Medicine II
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R () Neurosurgery
Microlitercentrifuge Heraeus Fresco 17 (Heraeus Fresco) Cell Biology
Centifuge Eppendorf 5804R (Eppendorf) Biological Chemistry
Micro-Ultracentrifuge MTX 150 (Sorvall) Biological Chemistry